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Charitable Initiatives at MINAYA Collection

At Minaya Collection, we are dedicated not only to offering stylish fashion choices but also to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. 

A percentage of the proceeds from all purchases on the website will be donated to help those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza through the Emergency Fund with Helping Hands for Relief and Development. HHRD's Family Dignity Packages include essential supplies like food, water, hygiene kits, and more, along with 1,500 blankets. These much-needed items will be transported to the Rafah border of Egypt and Gaza by the Jordanian authorities.

More information here:

Purify your purchase with good intentions!

Charity holds immense significance in Islam, serving as an essential pillar of the faith. The teachings of the Quran and the examples set by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasize the importance of giving generously and helping those in need. Islam views charity not merely as a noble act but as a fundamental obligation upon every capable Muslim. The best way to purify our sustenance is by giving charity and setting our intentions.


Through our charitable initiatives, we partner with reputable organizations that specialize in empowering and providing essential resources. A portion of every purchase goes directly towards funding programs that offer shelter, counseling, legal aid, and educational opportunities. By supporting us, you are directly contributing to the safety and well-being of those most in need.


Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it the most, one stylish choice at a time.

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